FotoNation is backed by a decade of experience in detecting and tracking faces and eyes. Now, we're taking it to the next level. What comes after detection and tracking? Recognition, enabled by biometrics, will help machines recognize what they see.

Iris Recognition is a very strong biometric which can also work quickly and seamlessly with the right user interface. Which is where FotoNation offers its strongest suit.

FotoNation’s rapid Face Detection and Eye Tracking provides excellent assistance to a rapid Iris Detection and Capture, especially important in the mobile environment.

FotoNation’s MIRLIN Iris Recognition software suite is compatible across a very wide range of CPU and operating system platforms, enabling our partners to put strong user authentication into a wide range of identity solutions and applications, management and access control systems.

MIRLIN technology makes Iris Recognition Biometrics and Identity Management widely available, highly scalable and more economic for developers and end-users alike.