Your Face is The Key: Introducing 3D Portrait

Offering a complete toolkit to transform portraits, making it possible to take care of every detail at the touch of a shutter button on a smartphone.

PORTRAIT /ˈpɔːtrət,ˈpɔːtreɪt/ noun
A painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders.

We looked at #MWC2019 with this word as a lens.

MWC2019 saw the launch of the LG G8 ThinQ; the world’s first smartphone equipped with a Time-of-flight (ToF) sensor for the front camera. Time of Flight is an enabler for one of the key selfie camera features of this wonderful new phone; LG’s Spotlight shooting mode. This feature offers a never seen before user experience on a smartphone and it represents the latest in a long line of market-leading portrait enhancement solutions offered by FotoNation!

At FotoNation, we call this feature 3D Relighting. It is one of the 4 main parts to our 3D Portrait solution, which is in use in the flagship cameras of some of the most demanding market-leading smartphones. FotoNation’s 3D Portrait solution pairs 3D sensing with neural network-based face understanding allowing users to deliver superior portraits and selfies from smartphones.

Our latest 3D Portrait represents a significant step towards our vision of providing users with the ability to deliver stunning portrait photographs with the push of a smartphone shutter button. The kind of results that are normally only possible with a host of very expensive professional cameras, lenses, studio environment, lighting and editing suite equipment. But with the added flexibility to allow the user to not only change how a portrait looks; as one would typically do with photo editing software; but also to realistically recompose how a person is lit in a scene to produce flattering selfies.

The solution also uniquely includes live preview 3D relighting; providing users with the real-time ability to relight the subject by changing the direction of the virtual light source. This greater flexibility enables users to have direct feedback from the composition of the scene so they can create professional looking selfies and portraits.

3D Portrait is the first technology capable of achieving true virtual re-illumination of faces in real time. It simulates re-illumination by using 3D depth maps of the face and torso provided by the time of flight system to generate shadows on the face cast from a virtual light source which can be repositioned anywhere in the scene and with varying intensity.

Amazing portraits are not the result of one single special ingredient. All aspects of the scene contribute to the final result; a busy background, unflattering illumination, a skin imperfection, or maybe just an uninspiring color cast can ruin an otherwise beautiful portrait or make a selfie not worthy of sharing. This is why FotoNation’s 3D Portrait goes a step further than just offering real-time re-illumination. It offers a complete toolkit to transform portraits, making it possible to take care of every detail at the touch of a shutter button on a smartphone. It transforms backgrounds, renders flattering global scene lighting effects, enables virtual light source illumination of faces, retouches skin and even provides that final polished look with gorgeous colors, overlays, and effects.

And if all of this sounds easy to do, well nobody in the world can do it in a smartphone camera today quite as well as FotoNation! It is not enough to deliver these amazing ingredients working together if they also come with a poor user experience for the smartphone battery life. This is why we have also invested considerable energy to figure out how to combine all these features, while still attaining 30FPS real-time processing, with very low power consumption.

FLATTERING PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY – look your best in every image even in challenging lighting conditions.

A COMPLETE PORTRAIT PACKAGE – all ingredients for beautiful portraiture such as virtual lighting of the subject, lens bokeh, background elimination, global scene illumination effects, face retouching, and image post-processing are skillfully merged in a single solution.

EASY TO USE – select the desired effect, point the camera and press the shutter button.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY – styles delivered with simplicity.

CONFIGURABILITY – templates that combine background styles, relighting modes, beautification features and image enhancements can easily be defined at application level

CONVENIENCE – If you don’t like the first result, then readjust the photo later on in the library to make it even better

VIDEO PREVIEW (UNIQUE TO FN SOLUTION) – what you see in capture live preview is consistent with final result of still images in your library.

From re-illuminating the face to getting rid of that cluttered background, 3D Portrait delivers stunning portrait images. The user is given real time feedback as they compose the selfie or portrait. A simple press of the shutter button will do the rest. If the user changes his or her mind, or simply doesn’t like the effect, it can be re-adjusted later on in the gallery.

Meet Bogdan Petcu, Project Manager Mobile Imaging at FotoNation.
He will walk you through some of 3D Portrait’s highlights, from the MWC2019 show floor.


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