Key Benefits of Electronic Image Stabilization in Action and Drone Video Camera Markets

Electronic Image Stabilization enables video devices to deliver an outstanding user experience, especially in Action and Drone Video Camera Markets.

In the last few years, computer vision has become the key ingredient in delivering a truly outstanding user experience, especially in the smartphone, drone and action camera markets.

At the intersection of computer vision and computational imaging, FotoNation’s Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) solution enables video devices of all types to deliver an outstanding user experience and superior video results all with minimal impact on battery life.

FotoNation EIS minimizes harmful high frequency motions typically found in drone captured video. It also eliminates the low frequency motions that usually plagues action or mobile cameras video capture.

Correcting for 6 degrees of freedom and all distortion types at full frame, FotoNation EIS is the best video stabilization choice when it comes to on-the-move or on-the-fly videos. In recognition of the wide market acceptance of the solution, FotoNation technology is now being shipped in more than 450 million devices each year and with automotive applications on the horizon.

FotoNation EIS technology processes up to 4K resolution at 60 frames-per-second (FPS) or 8K at 30 FPS videos while consuming only 6 mW of power for Full HD at 30 FPS.    

FotoNation recently demonstrated its EIS solution at the Embedded Vision Summit 2016 where the strategic partnership with Socionext was announced. Together, the two companies will jointly develop intelligent automotive camera technologies to enable the next generation of automotive vision systems.

For more about FotoNation EIS and the image stabilization market in general, check out the Tech2You video interview with Sumat Mehra, FotoNation General Manager.