Electronic Image Stabilization for Drones.

FotoNation Electronic Image Stabilization solution (EIS) fully stabilizes videos recorded via drone by correcting for 6 degrees of freedom and all distortions associated with rolling shutter.

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) is an image and video enhancement technique that combines several complimentary technologies to provide smooth, shake free and rolling shutter free video sequences.

Digital Gimbal, a specifically designed EIS solution from FotoNation, is a solution that has the rolling shutter component to correct high frequency vibrations typically found in drones, action cameras and wearables.

EIS can be implemented in a software only, or hybrid hardware plus software format. In the hybrid implementation, FotoNation’s Image Processing Unit (IPU) hardware core enables superior speed and power performance. The Distortion Correction Engine produces the highest image quality at very low rates of power and memory bandwidth consumption.

To learn more about Electronic Image Stabilization, please visit the EIS page or contact us.