FaceSafe – 3D Face Recognition Technology

Your face has become the key!

Face Recognition is fast on its way in becoming the de-facto authentication method for biometric applications. With the advent of three-dimensional depth-sensing cameras, the bar has been raised for biometric authentication even for the most challenging banking applications. Coupled with the development of secure runtime environments, these technologies have led to growing trust with end users who now happily accepting it in their device, cars, and homes because it enables them to benefit from personalized and age-appropriate device interactions.

Face recognition can also impact the user experience on mobile devices by influencing how enhancements are applied to photo or video. Beyond media acquisition, it can also impact the actual user interface of your device by leveraging user profiles, each with their own look and feel or limitations in other cases (e.g. – limit game or screen time in case of children).

According to a TechTheLead survey, 55% of the respondents believe that the continuous identification of users by an always ON face recognition feature in a device such as a smartphone would decrease the chances of somebody stealing it.

A longtime player in the detection and recognition field, FotoNation has developed FaceSafe™, a depth-based face recognition solution for mobile devices.

It features deep learning technologies that work together to support the full enrollment and authentication flows. Face detection and tracking, accurate feature detection and face modeling, texture and depth-based recognition and liveness detection work together in a system which can be integrated and deployed in secured execution environments.

FaceSafe solution offers enhanced security and speed with a false acceptance rate of one in one hundred thousand and a fast execution time of less than 200 milliseconds. Its seamless anti-spoofing detection feature provides premium protection and personalization while its small memory footprint yields power and system cost savings. FaceSafe also works with occlusions such as sunglasses and has the ability to work in diverse light conditions.

Whether for mobile security, your home or car, with 2D or 3D cameras, our face recognition technology can offer a secure, on-device authentication and personalization support, with always ON operation when supported by our custom hardware accelerators. And for extreme security, it can work in conjunction with our low-resolution iris recognition solution.

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