Your Face is The Key: Introducing FaceSafe

After a considerable effort that spanned across 2018, we were truly proud to see our work see the light of day in the first of its kind smartphone – the LG G8 ThinQ.

PROUD /praʊd/ adjective
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Here at FotoNation, this was #MWC2019 in a single word.

After a considerable effort that spanned across 2018, we were truly proud to see our work see the light of day in the first of its kind smartphone – the LG G8 ThinQ.

LG G8 ThinQ is the first smartphone to enter the mass market with a Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor for the frontal camera enabling highly accurate facial recognition as well as new use cases never seen before on a smartphone.

From the full line-up of 3D applications in the new G8, we are now focusing on 3D face recognition (3DFR).

3DFR is a computer vision technology that can enroll and identify human faces while being extremely hard to bypass via its 3D component. By using its 3D component, the technology can generate a 3D map of the user’s face thus easily identifying any spoofing attacks as well as recognizing the difference between a picture or video and a real person.

FotoNation’s 3DFR solution (FaceSafe) is paired with a Time-of-Flight module thus creating the first-of-its-kind solution for mobile devices.

Looking towards the future, FaceSafe is architected to be compatible with a variety of 3D depth-sensing systems (time-of-flight, structured light or stereoscopic). It is based on neural network technologies working together to deliver a seamless user experience from enrollment to authentication. FaceSafe is deployed securely within the smartphone with no need for cloud storage, providing peace of mind to users about the security of their biometric data.

It combines a very low False Acceptance Rate (FAR), low single-digit False Reject Rate (FRR) with attention detection and high-performance anti-spoofing technologies that protect against print, video and 3D mask attacks. FaceSafe solution offers enhanced security and fast execution time that is less than 200 milliseconds (ms, 1/1000 seconds).

NEURAL BASED – unique high-quality 3D models data acquisition and synthesis;

LOCKED AND SECURED – low single-digit false reject rate and a very low false acceptance rate;

FLEXIBLE DESIGN – deep understanding of TEE secure environment; direct expertise with QCM 855;

PERFORMANCE – recognition under 200 ms. and spoofing under 50 ms.; operating angles – yaw ± 30 degrees, pitch +20 /-45, roll ± 30;

ROOTED IN EXPERIENCE – the FotoNation technologies behind FaceSafe are: face detection and tracking, face feature detection, eye detection, and tracking;

ALWAYS ON – FaceSafe can function as an always-on solution when coupled with FotoNation’s Image Processing Unit (IPU). In this scenario FaceSafe has the ability to automatically lock the phone as soon as the user stops using it and can block it if an unregistered user gains access before it is locked;

SENSOR AGNOSTIC – FaceSafe is architected to be compatible with stereoscopic, structured light, and time-of-flight systems;

ANTI-SPOOFING – FaceSafe prevents print attacks, replay/video attacks, and 3D mask attacks;

OCCLUSION PROOF – FaceSafe has a fully functional recognition process with faces occluded up to 20%;

ATTENTION DETECTION – FaceSafe unlocks your device only when the user is looking at the phone;

UNLOCK ROBUSTNESS – FaceSafe can unlock the device in any orientation (i.e. landscape mode) and can be tuned to support varying degrees of unlocking whether it is simply unlocking a mobile device or facilitating a financial transaction;

Meet Bogdan Petcu, Project Manager Mobile Imaging at FotoNation.
He will walk you through some of FaceSafe’s highlights, from the MWC2019 show floor, where this journey begins.


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