The homes of tomorrow will be most of all, aware. They will understand their surroundings, they will identify and classify them in real-time and they will be able to personalize the experience of their owners. Awareness is the first true step towards a truly autonomous smart home.

Imagine a home that learns, recognizes and adapts to you, for you. Imagine the music following you around, automatically changing the volume when you talk or go to sleep. Imagine the lighting intensity and color changing to complement your mood, while the temperature in every room you walk into changes as the house recognizes you and every member of your family. Imagine the intelligence residing in the home and not in the cloud for answering your privacy and security concerns.

For this to happen, we need to enable next-generation, neural-based, real-time execution computer vision technologies. FotoNation’s IPU is a collection of high-performance post-silicon configurable IP cores optimized to address image processing tasks that provide ‘unfair’ advantage for high-quality imaging solutions.

Computer vision solutions as part of the home environment are more challenging compared with the mobile environment. Home deployment comes with its own set of specifics that need to be addressed concurrently – 180° field of view, visible, mixed and/or NIR cameras, bill of materials control, interior design friendly or low power. All of these in the context where privacy and solutions security are key. IP needs to be protected against theft. FotoNation‘s IPU’s provides computer vision solutions on the edge with full support for encrypted neural networks becomes the foundation of any home intelligent home.

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