Unique hybrid implementation.
Lightning fast image processing.
Best-in-class motion estimation.


Electronic Image Stabilization eliminates the effect of hand jitter and flight navigation vibration by correcting for 6 degrees of freedom, including rotation, translation, lens distortion and rolling shutter effects.

This solution is one library with three deployment modes, addressing different market configurations:

LOW LATENCY – stabilization during the image acquisition for ultra low latency applications (e.g. – sports broadcast, remote control flight).

REAL TIME – stabilization just after the image acquisition for action camera and smartphone streaming.

DEFERRED CORRECTION – delayed stabilization for smooth camera trajectory for high quality applications such as action cameras, smartphones or drone streaming.


Unique hybrid implementation.
Supports SW or SW + HW 8K input at 30 FPS and 4K input at 120 FPS.
SW + HW solution enables lightning fast image processing.
Accurate lens distortion modeling and motion compensation.
Optimized for embedded and mobile environment (Android and iOS).
Low power consumption and bandwidth requirements.


256 independent motion vectors
High accuracy – up to 0.01 of a pixel
Works in low-light condition
Resistant to image blur


Adaptive motion filtering
Motion field outliers resistant
Sensor fusion technology (registration + motion sensor)


Corrects complex rolling shutter
Distortion correction & stabilization in 1 pass
Native HW support for bicubic resampling
Patented caching design minimizes bandwidth

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