Distortion correction and electronic image stabilization with no trade-offs.


Today’s camera modules encounter two major limitations that can influence each other and affect overall user experience and image quality: lens distortion (pincushion, barrel, perspective, perspective shift/edge, chromatic aberration, vignette) and video quality (hand jitter, perspective distorsions, rolling shutter, stretching distorsions, S-curve, jelly effect).

The Distortion Correction Engine (DCE) from FotoNation is designed to drastically reduce power consumption and execution speed while correcting lens distortion and stabilizing the image all in a single step.

It reduces bandwidth by using next-generation caching techniques while simultaneously using native hardware bicubic interpolation to improve image quality. DCE offers significant advantages over GPU and 3rd party ISP / DSP implementations.


Designed to work with large amount of video data.
Native support for bicubic resampling, programmable kernel.
Can correct multiple concurrent imaging streams.
Small gate count.
Extremely low power consumption.
Low bandwidth thanks to specific cache design.
Stereo support and IMU synchronization.

Sharing experiences and stories have become a common denominator in the modern world, especially with the advent of social media. This is primarily accomplished through photos and videos, with the latter becoming more popular.

As user experience (UX) has become a critical differentiator for products such as smartphones, action cameras, drones or even XR devices, the pressure on the embedded systems running on these devices has increased exponentially. This leads to shorter battery life as the system components need power to constantly increase their performance.

The Distortion Correction Engine‘s main objective is to improve image quality while lowering the strain on the system’s battery and computational capability. Supporting flexible quality re-sampling, it enables unprecedented flexibility by allowing simultaneous static (sensor tilt) and dynamic (changing grids, like in the case of video stabilization) corrections.

Using bi-cubic re-sampling, FotoNation’s DCE is the only choice to correct any kind of distortion. Applications like lens distortion correction for fields of view wider than 80 degrees, dynamic field of view (with capability of multi-window electronic pan, zoom and tilt), electronic image stabilization with rolling shutter correction, 3D convergence correction or split screen display are fully enabled by DCE.

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